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Even you can set up your golden goose with the help of customizable white label exchange software. The crypto phenomenon is no more a millennial man’s business and neither is it limited to some specific regions. Today, the growing popularity of cryptocurrency exchange software development has ended the circumscribing of geographical boundaries. It has brought forward an evolved face of global fintech managed through an immutable ledger. Building an exchange software from scratch requires a lot of time, technical expertise, and effort.

white label cryptocurrency exchange software

Whether you are looking for a white label Bitcoin exchange or a multi-asset solution, we have the right functionality for you. White label exchange software saves you the trouble of investing in your white label crypto exchange software own staff for software fine-tuning and support — all such operations will be performed on the vendor’s side. We offer a large range of products and services to enhance your business operations.


Our servers are protected by a high-grade cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution. This prevents disruptions caused by bad traffic, while allowing good traffic through, keeping websites, applications and APIs highly available and performant. Access is limited to a number of persons, each of them having a computer with an encrypted disk.

white label cryptocurrency exchange software

There are also a fair number of crypto-crypto exchanges, but these are less popular nowadays due to the shrinking token markets. But the launch of such exchanges requires no serious investments of time and money in legal questions and amount of such exchanges is still growing. The White Label software is a tried and tested product for crypto exchanges. Even if you need customization, it is best to leave software development to the ones with experience. Velmie is a tech company providing a range of tools and solutions for FinTech businesses. We power enterprise banks and mobile wallet companies on four continents, setting up our clients with sophisticated products that are fully regulatory-compliant.

Why White Label Crypto Exchange Software Is the Smart Choice for Startups?

The ready-made solution can be leveraged to launch a cryptocurrency exchange software similar to prominent cryptocurrency exchanges existing in the market. Building a crypto exchange software from scratch might take relatively longer than customizing a white label crypto exchange as per your branding requirements. A reputable blockchain development company might give a more specified timeline as per your project requirements.

white label cryptocurrency exchange software

Each client requires a unique approach to custom software development. SoluLab believes in analyzing every possibility and finding the best way to offer our clients world-class custom software. Our platform is integrated with Vault, an independently made wallet with zero counter-party risk. HollaEx is the leading open-source white label exchange software and has a verifiable track record on 🔗GitHub here. The solution is includes the standard hot and cold exchange wallet systems, audit trails, encryption, 2FA, and access management control policies. Our solution proved to be a valuable asset for the client’s business, delivering impressive results and driving success.

Types of Users That Can Benefit From White Label Crypto Exchange Software

We are proud to be at the forefront of the white label crypto space. HollaEx is a leading provider of open-source white label exchange solutions, with a strong track record of delivering affordable and easy-to-use crypto software to the financial services industry. As a comprehensive crypto white label, HollaEx offers multiple use cases for a range of businesses, from exchanges, IT development companies and small online money exchange shops to large fintech enterprises. HollaEx is your go-to crypto system and the source for accessing the world of blockchain-based finance. “Not just a white-labeled crypto exchange solution, HollaEx has given KoinKoin access to a network of like-minded exchange operators & the ability to make digital assets available across Africa & beyond.”

white label cryptocurrency exchange software

By leveraging the expertise of a specialized team, you can streamline the development process, reduce costs, and ensure that your platform is secure, scalable, and user-friendly. Whether you are a startup looking to enter the market or an established business seeking to expand your offerings, partnering with a reputable development company can be a smart strategic move for your business. Our white label cryptocurrency exchange development solution has a self-explanatory, robust admin dashboard that enables customers to manage the platform and funds effectively.

An Insight into Our White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development Solution

Totally adjustable and feature-rich trading platform with different widgets, unlimited workspaces, white/night mode and many more. Give your clients the opportunity to check their trading activity and analyze the key metrics inside the B2Core cabinet. Homemade Antifraud system allows for tracking of vulnerabilities from your end-users’ actions. You can limit access to the admin panel from certain whitelisted IPs.

  • At a turnkey cost, you get a non-turnkey set of features that ensures you are ready for any market conditions.
  • Our highly-skilled experts are responsible for creating a customized trading software that allows for secure and fast transactions.
  • Security is one of the most important features required to ensure the success of any cryptocurrency exchange.
  • As well as huge cost-savings, you can launch more than one year faster which is crucial in today’s fast changing environment.
  • Hundreds of companies are already using this guide to improve their marketing strategy.
  • The best thing a broker can offer these clients beyond trading conditions is a bigger number of markets, fast withdrawals and other quality services.

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