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This paper will summarize the authors’ experience over the last decades, from new methods developed and used within Product Development, as well as current trends. Hence a general and broad overview is presented, rather than recent research results. You can run through any strategy progression of SaaS products like Zendesk or Hubspot in regard. It is not enough to produce a product that is stagnant in design and has a limited user base.

  • To embrace this new consumer-driven trend, brands and manufacturers have to adopt enabling technologies.
  • Using Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence Data Scientists can not only analyze past actions but also give the business some forecasts for the future digital trends in product development.
  • Because of this, they are increasingly outsourcing more of their product development process to places like Ukraine.
  • The function necessitates a thorough grasp of corporate operations, UI/UX design, marketing, consumer psychology and behavioral patterns, and digital product development technical procedures.
  • For example, companies in the beauty and hygiene industry customize their products according to consumer lifestyle and medical history.

Thus, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the product development process to maintain the product dynamic, fresh, and extensively used by businesses in the future. People are at a distance due to remote services but at the same time they are just one click away.

Top 5 Digital Product Development Trends for Better Applications

In 2010, there were an estimated 800 million IoT connected devices worldwide. Google search growth for “IoT” has increased by 788% over the last 10 years.

  • We present a very holistic scope of in-house services that ranges from product team, through research, data engineering and AI & ML to no/low-code services.
  • This has become even more true as a growing number of products include some kind of software component.
  • Paired with things like generative design, 3D printing is lowering costs and putting less emphasis on physical testing.
  • It allows for more proactive product discovery or user research, validating business ideas before delivering them.
  • The continuing advances of Artificial Intelligence and the automation of data processing mean that product managers now have huge amounts of relevant data available to them.
  • As of 2019, the majority of IoT devices were still connected by Wireless Personal Area Networks , Wireless Local Area Networks , and existing cellular networks (2G/3G/4G).
  • This speed is attractive to business leaders because it helps them stay one step ahead in the market, reaching customers at a quicker rate and therefore enhancing the chances of success.
  • Agile hardware development refers to working in parallel streams to define all unknowns and ensure the client is confident about the solution.

You’ll reclaim the IT and Ops gap with intelligent assets June 13, 2022 Companies need to reimagine how they connect assets, people, and processes across the enterprise and business networks. Building a product without considering the phases of development as well as user preference, and consideration is a colossal blunder that must be avoided. As mentioned above, they now find themselves building software into every car they create.

Making the Quantum Leap: From Product to Platform

You may engage specialized engineers from one firm and customer service representatives and a financial investment management staff from another. You just need to hire a few essential people to work in the office to organize and monitor the vendors. However, the digital product ecosystem is expanding for reasons other than improving the end-user experience.

trends in product development

The parallel development of hardware to software is on the rise because of increasingly complex products, according to Cortney Rowan, Managing Director at Altitude. Well, anyway, data is the utmost thing to focus on for any firm that wants to succeed in the next five years. All you have to do is adopt the correct technique to collect data and fully utilize the potential of the data, which is critical for business leaders and marketers.


Over the decade, close to 161% of searches gather product feedback, while the product researcher searches increased by 47% over the last five years. To meet the increasing demands, businesses need to leverage the products themselves to collect user data.

  • Expect these trends to drive more changes in the product development market.
  • Physical devices are manufactured with components that allow for data collection, connectivity to other products, and integration with software.
  • Lee Powers, Philip Leung and Cortney Rowan from Accenture’s product development studio Altitude explain the biggest product development rends in Industry X.0 today.
  • It is estimated that IoT products currently account for 54 percent of all internet-connected gadgets.

Expect these trends to drive more changes in the product development market. Because of this, they are increasingly outsourcing more of their product development process to places like Ukraine. Once thought of as a core competency, product development is now viewed as a business process that can, in many cases, be better accomplished through outsourcing. In a world where you can spend so much and miss so often, data collection will be paramount to future product development. McKinsey found that over 40% of companies weren’t getting feedback from end customers during product development.

Product Development Trends (2022-

It is necessary to consider the progression of a product as technologies and new features keep updating. Whether it be standardized hiring of remote developers or team extension through staff augmentation – product startups are going all-in.

trends in product development

As of this year, the market for additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing, is estimated to be worth $17.4 billion. Manoj has 25+ years of Product Strategy & Digital Innovation experience in the Retail, CPG & Fashion industry. Currently a Consulting Partner with Wipro’s I&ES division, he drives global transformation engagements in the areas of Product Planning, Development & Lifecycle Management. 5G and the future of making things February 24, 2022 Our research suggests 5G will accelerate the flexible manufacturing agenda.

Firms are becoming product-led

This means PdMs will be on the lookout for low-code/no-code, accessible platforms that provide a visual-first experience across the entire lifecycle. PWC study, digital product development is expected to increase efficiency by 19%, reduce time-to-market time to 17%, and reduce the promotion cost by 13% by 2025. No matter which sector your company belongs to, it is important to find the right mix of digital tools and digitised processes for digital product development. Specifically, engaging with clients at numerous stages during the product development cycle is essential to the overall process. At times, clients have a very firm idea of what they want from the product and will simply ask the product development team to build it. Sometimes the client has just the technology they want their product to use, or the market they want to target.

What are the 4 P’s of marketing?

What are the 4Ps of marketing? (Marketing mix explained) The four Ps are product, price, place, and promotion. They are an example of a “marketing mix,” or the combined tools and methodologies used by marketers to achieve their marketing objectives.

Businesses quickly adapted their digital-first model to serve what the market transitioned with, whether their workspace or products. While the acceleration towards the digital experiences for consumers and businesses started in 2020, it saw a massive demand in 2021 too. While it might be two years with the new organizational approach already, it doesn’t seem to slow down in 2022 either. The impact of this for businesses is that it is going to be harder and harder to fill product manager roles, with competition so fierce.

With more interaction through mobile apps or web applications, consumers are taking more actions on what they are viewing at landing pages, or posts in social media. This has raised the bar higher in terms of providing quality digital products and their interaction with customers. We present a very holistic scope of in-house services that ranges from product team, through research, data engineering and AI & ML to no/low-code services. If you’re looking to create and launch your digital product get in touch with Netguru today. We have a team of product management experts looking forward to helping you bring the best innovative products to market.

trends in product development

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