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If you wrap any bit of code in a try/catch it means you think an error may occur there and therefore you should have a plan, or create a code path, for when it occurs. There’s a lot to learn about async and await, and it’s natural to get a little disoriented.

Is backtracking greedy?

What is backtracking? By being greedy, the algorithm matches the longest possible part. Backtracking algorithms, upon failure, keep exploring other possibilities. Such algorithms begin afresh from where they had originally started, hence they backtrack (go back to the starting point).

Avoid flags in method parametersA flag indicates that the method has more than one responsibility. It is best if the method only has a single responsibility. Split the method into two if a boolean parameter adds multiple responsibilities to the method. Use pronounceable namesIt will take time to investigate the meaning of the variables and functions when they are not pronounceable. I’m waiting to read your article on Clean Architecture. Also please add some points about projects separation in solution through your new article. Please do write the article on clean architecture.

Clean Code in C#

Another bad practice is to name functions with incorrect or incomplete names. Just by reading the name of the function we should know almost 100% of what EXACTLY it does, otherwise this only causes confusion. I know these little tips are pretty simple (although I’m sure not all of you will follow them��). The number of ways to write cleaner code in C# is more infinite than the universe.

  • PS, Add comments only when the situations demands you to.
  • The using statement is a language element used in C# programs to reduce the amount of code you write to work with disposable objects.
  • The second solution satisfied the development team’s technical requirements.
  • While they are not identical concepts, DIP keeps high-level modules from knowing the details of its low-level modules and setting them up.
  • Everytime you want to add dynamic values to strings,we preffered Composite formatting or simply adding them with a plus operator.
  • Another simpler example of method chaining is as follows.
  • In big projects, it will be very difficult to identify which referances are refered in the class.

Your articles are great and your explanations are top notch. Your article on the mediator pattern was really what sealed the deal for me as I gained an understanding I hadn’t gotten everywhere else.

Proper organization using namespaces

There are 2 main types of naming standards that we are using these days. For example, indent style is space and tab mixed in the project. Use multiple catch block instead of if conditions.If you need to take action according to type of the exception, you better use multiple catch block for exception handling. There’s plenty of good .NET test frameworks, so find one that your team prefers. When you find one that works for your team, then aim to always write tests for every new feature/module you introduce. When you want to do more beyond getting an object property, you don’t have to look up and change every accessor in your codebase.

clean code in C#

Having too many parameters for a method can make it difficult to understand and use. For more information on how to perform this refactoring and why it’s one of the most critical refactorings, read this article. Additionally, if you need to change to a lengthy method, you may have to scroll through a lot of code to find the right place. Despite its simplicity, this coding standard is tough to follow. The desire for having a better code needs to come from inside you.

Methods with no more than two parameters

It is a bad practice to throw a caught exception using throw e;. This will keep the stack trace and provide a deeper insight about the exception. Simply instantiate a new exception and set its inner exception property to the caught exception with throw new CustomException(“some info”, e);. Adding information to an exception is a good practice as it will help with debugging. However, if the objective is to log an exception then use throw; to pass the buck to the caller. Writing Clean and Scalable Code is not easy as well. In this article, we will talk about 20 Tips to write Clean C# Code for your projects.

Such methods are used in scenarios where the method body is much smaller than even the method definition itself. Here is how you would write a Expression Bodied Method. Setting the values to the Student object may not be an issue for us developers.

Software engineering principles, from Robert C. Martin’s book Clean Code, adapted for .NET/.NET Core. It’s a guide to producing readable, reusable, and refactorable software in .NET/.NET Core. This is something we all developers Hate, don’t we? �� However, adding a few lines of comments/description of what the method actually does helps you and the other developers in the longer run. Simply Go above the concerned method and type in ///, VS automatically generates a comment template for you including the arguments of the method. As technology changes, programming languages must change as well. Indeed, programming languages, like the human languages, are ever-evolving and improving.

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