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Internship opportunities in software engineering will create a deeper understanding of the theory and skills that it will take to push technology forward. During your software engineering internship, you’ll learn some great generic skills like time management, accountability, organization, and teamwork. Looking for specific advice for software engineering internships for college students? Or are you hungry for further information even after your internship is over?

how to get a software engineering internship

I did not get any referrals and did not reach out to any recruiter. • Create solutions to run predictions on distributed systems with exposure to innovative technologies at incredible scale and speed. Backgrounds, we’re working together to provide the best solutions and services to our customers. When putting together your resume, make sure to have all your skills, courses, and accomplishments laid out for employers to view. Also having your preferred job role and location on your Handshake profile is a great way to signal your interest to potential recruiters.

Tips for Self Preservation if Your Job is Hard!

I also find that understanding the context around why I’m building something motivates me even more. Your Guide to Internships in Kansas City Looking for paid summer internships in Kansas City? Start with this comprehensive guide full of tips and tricks. Your Guide to Internships in Minneapolis Looking for paid summer internships in Minneapolis? Your Guide to Internships in New Jersey Looking for paid summer internships in New Jersey? This can take work, but updating your resume for every application you fill out will give you a higher chance of standing out among the crowd.

how to get a software engineering internship

People who you have something in common with are much more likely to be willing to take time out of their day to talk with you or help you. It’s also important that you don’t lead by asking them to help you get a job. People don’t like to help people they don’t know, and approaching them this way will likely make them uncomfortable. Since the people I messaged already knew me, they all said yes.

Get an Early Start on the Job Search

Don’t be afraid to ask your new colleagues out for quick coffee chats, or request 15-minute informational interviews about their career trajectory. A software engineer intern works under the guidance of an experienced engineer. As an intern, you’ll gain experience developing, testing, and deploying software, in addition to learning how to navigate the dynamics of a corporate or startup setting. Engineering interns are in high demand, especially in the software industry. In this guide, learn the top 3 essentials software engineering skills the hiring managers expect you to have along with tips on how to get a software engineer internship.

  • They usually have 2–3 phone interviews and once you do well in those interviews you are accepted.
  • A good hiring manager will look for applicants with qualifications that match the job description, so make sure you’re familiar with the role they’re looking to fill.
  • College students can gain experience by taking relevant coursework.
  • If you’re getting few results, try a more general search term.

Also, they sometimes asked for my knowledge in simple data structures that are taught in all undergraduate data structures classes. For example, they will ask what a HashMap looks like and how that is implemented, etc. Even companies that don’t seem to have a main focus in software engineering are looking for bright interns to help them develop. The first thing I had to do was pick which companies I wanted to target. Typically in an internship you’ll spend lots of time talking with your manager and mentor.

Join our next generation of technologists

Once you’ve landed an internship in software engineering and settled into the flow of day-to-day life at the office, start chatting with your coworkers. Whether they’re industry professionals or fellow interns, it’s important to treat them with equal respect. You never know what insights they could lend, or who could be a valuable connection down the line, five or ten years from now.

  • Similar to coding and software development skills, testing and debugging can be learned in the classroom and online, though it’s generally learned on the job.
  • Firstly, I knew a few alumni that now worked at companies that I wanted to work at.
  • Coming highly prepared for your interview makes a great first impression.
  • If you are reading this article in the spring, it’s not too late!
  • Working on a team as well as a fantastic learning experience, technically speaking.
  • • Ability to design and code the right solutions starting with broadly defined problems.

Many people may never get back to you, and some will respond immediately or within days. I usually reached out to around 5 people a week, since a decent amount of people simply don’t check or use LinkedIn. I would advise against reaching out to multiple people from the same company at once, since it’s slightly redundant. Background — I applied to more than 500 internship positions and heard back and got an interview for around 30 of those 500. The interview processes for most companies were very similar so I will talk about the overlapping interview process step by step.

Review your resume and cover letter to make sure you have specific examples of your experience to share, from clubs or coursework. You can even schedule a mock interview with your university’s career center or, if you’re tight on time, ask a trusted friend to grill you on some common interview questions. Behind your favorite products, websites, or even the device you’re reading on right now, there’s an engineering team brainstorming the next latest and greatest. Depending on the field that you’re going into, you could be creating and building a range of products in many different industries. My school has something called JumboCode that does coding work for nonprofits.

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