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Add some flavours to your app with chef special videos in the HD video gallery. With this app you can take online orders directly on your smartphone or tablet.

  • You can add features like map views, forms, in-app purchases, and analytics.
  • Here are the features that you should give priority to when choosing a restaurant delivery app builder.
  • During this time the introduction of restaurant delivery apps has helped restaurants to increase income and to stay connected with their customers.
  • It should offer all the options and be innovative and attractive to engage customers.
  • If you want your app to reach all the customers across the world, the app needs to get designed and aligned accordingly.
  • Just drag and drop to add or change forms, upload your logo, choose a custom app icon, and more.

Appy Pie’s restaurant app maker provides drag and drops functionality that allows you to build an app without writing any code. You can build an app just by dragging the desired template and dropping it on a page of your choice. This is one of the most important features of Appy Pie because it allows anyone to create a great-looking mobile application in a minute. With Appy Pie’s restaurant app builder, you can add all the necessary features for your restaurant app. You can add features like map views, forms, in-app purchases, and analytics.

Why do we use restaurant apps?

A business can choose to customize the available solutions that we include in our app builder. Before an app gets published in a store, it passes through multiple reviews and tests that conclude that it is the best fit.

  • Here are some of an excellent restaurant delivery app builder’s characteristics that you should choose and get your app development started.
  • Engage your customers by sending personalized messages with daily offers or real-time updates, build your brand through loyalty programs, and pay zero commission.
  • Three-quarters of the American population owns a smartphone these days; they use smart devices for every minor or significant activity, including browsing restaurant menus, ordering food, etc.
  • In the digital age, restaurants can use apps for ordering, delivery, marketing, and even internal processes like inventory and staffing.

The restaurants can choose to add or delete items as per their availability from the dedicated solution. Users can upload their feedback on the provided delivery services and food quality.

Step 2: Customize Your App

When you create an app for your restaurant, you open new horizons for revenue generation. You can use your restaurant app to promote offers and deals, create loyalty programs and reward customers who come back again and again. As a result, you’ll be able to attract more customers and boost your revenues. With the changing trend, the main goal of crafting a restaurant app has also changed. Most customers check the restaurant-related information online before purchasing from their brand. Our experienced development team extends free support for three months to solve any queries and create an excellent food delivery app. The sales support includes product installation right after the purchase and makes all amends as you desire.

Was fast food healthier in the past?

Fast food has not gotten much healthier in past two decades, study says. When it comes to the calories, sodium and saturated fat per serving in fast food, not much has changed since 1996, according to a recent study.

This feature also provides real-time order tracking, helping your customers to track their orders quickly and easily. A restaurant app ensures that you, as a restaurant owner, can reach out to a larger audience and serve more people without spending all the time on the phone, taking orders. Online food ordering apps help restaurants in automating various processes while leaving little scope for error.

Step 1: Find a Suitable Restaurant Delivery App Builder of Your Need

This step would help you create an application for your customers. The first step is to find a restaurant delivery app builder that fits your business requirements. Based on various factors, an application gets developed, which generates more responses from target audiences. Therefore, you need an app builder that helps you get your solution built according to your users’ demands and creates an excellent experience. Add a variety of attractive templates with options to tweak them so that your app users can create their own restaurant in minutes. Appy Pie’s restaurant app builders offer thousands of pre-designed app templates to choose from. You can personalize those templates by adding your restaurant’s logo or changing the color scheme.

A featured loaded restaurant app created with Appy Pie app maker can help you to increase your return on investment in every manner. A restaurant app is what your customer needs to save time and effort. Your online app will help increase customer reach, thus providing an excellent opportunity to increase revenue. Using no-code ordering software builder tools like AppMaster, etc., help develop a no-code app for online restaurant use.


SMS notification – Notifies customers when their orders are out for delivery, as well as when their order arrives in their location. Delivery tracking – This enables customers to see the progress of their orders. More than 50% of all orders for takeout delivery are placed using the restaurants’ website; hence not owning a restaurant solution can make you lose various opportunities. You get a full three months of free support when you choose our “Advance” or “Enterprise” package.

This Restaurant Digital Menu app allows you to put all your menu items in a digital space, which can be viewed on a mobile device as a native app, or online as a web app. With room for item descriptions, prices, and mouthwatering photos, it’s sure to catch potential guests’ eyes. The support team is online round-the-clock and available to answer your questions whenever you need them via email, chat, or phone. Just select the most convenient method to get in contact with the support team and we’ll be happy to help.

Restaurant Services

Also, you can use the feedback to promote the delivery services that you offer for your users. Hence, it is necessary to give your business the chance to expand by collecting user feedback and improving the services. They have helped the owners of many establishments strengthen their market presence and more effectively promote their business on the Internet.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic made online food ordering soar in popularity.
  • Users can sort and apply multiple filters to find items of their choice from the wide variety available.
  • If you’re working with an existing spreadsheet that already includes the data you want to turn into an app, all you need to do is sign into Glide and upload that spreadsheet.
  • The most significant advantage of AppMaster is that you don’t have to create more than one app; if required, you can make any number of no-code apps on a single backend.
  • Online food ordering apps help restaurants in automating various processes while leaving little scope for error.
  • Order history – This will enable users to simply click on previous orders and order the same thing again.

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