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You will learn how to append and insert objects to lists and you will also learn how to delete and remove elements by using ‘remove’ and ‘pop’. It will remove multiple elements from a list if we provide an index range. In Python, use list methods clear(), pop(), and remove() to remove items from a list. It is also possible to delete items using del statement by specifying a position or range with an index or slice. Master in Python Programming Certification is one of the most sought after certifications in the market.

In Python, there are many methods available on the list data type that helps you to remove an element from a given list. To remove element based on index, you can make use of list method pop() . Even using del keyword will help you to remove the element for a given index.

Example of list

It is possible to remove a certain value from a list without knowing the position with the method “remove” . The method ‘pop’ raises an IndexError exception, if the list is empty or the index is out of range. This method appends an element to the end of the list “lst”. On the other hand, when using the remove() method we need to know the actual value of the item that we want to remove. Del, followed by the name of the list and square brackets and index zero.

  • In the example above, there is the orginal programming_languages list.
  • Remove() method is used to remove the first occurrence of the element specified as an argument within the parentheses.
  • So, the third element of the list will be removed after running the script.
  • The items of the second list will be added at the end of the first list.
  • Create a python file with the following script to see the use of pop() method.

Value is the specific value of the item that you want to remove from list_name. If the given element is not present in the list, it will throw an error saying the element is not in the list.

Footnotes- Most popular questions asked related to Removing Element from a List

Create a python file with the following script to see the use remove() method. If the item value that is used as the argument value of remove() method exists in the list the item will be removed. Here, the value, ‘Juice’ exists in the list and it will be removed after running the script. To remove an element from the list, you can use the del keyword followed by a list. You have to pass the index of the element to the list. The pop() method removes an element from the list based on the index given.

How do I remove a word from a list in Python?

one more easy way to remove words from the list is to convert 2 lists into the set and do a subtraction btw the list. words = set(words) will remove the duplicate from words.

This method is used to put a new object on the stack. Depending on the point of view, we say that we “push” the object on top or attach it to the right side.

How do you remove the last element of a list in Python?

In Python, there are three different ways that we can use to remove members of a list. Now depending on our needs, we may choose one of the methods. See the following article for details on extracting elements using list comprehensions. Also, you can use the Python del statement to remove items from the list.

python methods used to add items to a list or to delete them from a list are called

List comprehension creates a new list from an existing list, or creates what is called a sublist. When remove() was used, only the first matching instance was removed – the one following the JavaScript value and preceeding the Java value. In the example above, the item with the value of Python appeared three times in the list. A thing to keep in mind when using the remove() method is that it will search for and will remove only the first instance of an item.

How do I remove a specific element from a list in Python?

It helps to remove the given very first element matching from the list. This is another approach where the method remove removes the first item from the list which matches the specified value. In this way, we can store elements of different types in a single list. See the following article for examples for a list of strings. It is also possible to delete all items by specifying the entire range. Note that pop, which removes the first item, is an O operation and inefficient. See the official wiki for the computational complexity of various operations on list.

python methods used to add items to a list or to delete them from a list are called

If you need to delete elements based on the index , you can use the pop() method. One of the ways to remove all occurrences of an item inside a list is to use list comprehension.

You’ll also build five projects at the end to put into practice and help reinforce what you’ve learned. With the slice assignment, you can modify and replace certain parts of a list. Using remove() alone does not accomplish that, and you may not want to just remove the first instance of the item you specified. Remove() will search the list to find it and remove it.

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