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poe how to price currency

Similar to the individual item, you will need to select the type of orb you need in exchange for your item. You can choose from plenty of options while selecting the orb range. Once you update your item listing, it will automatically be available for the other players to see and buy your listed item. Path of Exile is entirely free to play – no upfront charges or month-to-month charges are needed to appreciate 100% of the game content material. In Path of Exile, the player has been exiled from their homeland for the corrupted and profoundly hostile continent of Wraeclast.

Using the one, a player can choose the item they want to sell and the one they want to buy, the league they are playing in, and they will see the ratio. However, it is really important to do it on reliable legit currency trade websites to have valid updated info. So we hope that this information on POE currency exchange rates will help you play and trade in the game more thoughtfully.

poe how to price currency

Chaos orb is easy to acquire, thus, you can freely spend it when you want it. Players use it as a main currency and everything can be traded for Chaos orbs. If you want to avoid confusing moments about the exchange ratio of one currency to another, then you can check their prices in Chaos orbs and see the difference. For example, you want to buy Mirror of Kalandra for Exalted Orb in Standard league. You can see that POE chaos to exalted exchange rate is 95 to 1 and chaos to mirror is approximately 10,000 to 1.

Endgame strategy without trading is really challenging and never advised; ensuring you comprehend how it functions is crucial. Trading is centered on earning currency by offering other gamers precious drops. We show you how to accomplish it quickly and painlessly in this guide. If you have any cheap stash item and have a low market price, then you can also use the fictional method to select the price. But it doesn’t mean that in focusing on selling your item, you list it at low prices.

Preparing a tab

At the beginning of the game, you will have a stash section consisting of 1-10 tabs to collect rare items. Progressing through the game without trading items in the marketplace or getting the recommended items and stuff for your character can make your game very hard to play. So you will need to focus on gaining a handsome amount of currency by selling rare items, valuable drops, and loots. For example, Orb of Regret can be bought for 2 orbs of Scouring only from Yeena. Vendors refer to price comparisons whilst player market refers to nothing. For example, a Chromatic Orb should never be worth more than 3 Jeweller’s Orb on the player market.

  • If you want to sell your items, you can’t do it from the standard stash section, as it is only visible to you.
  • If you want to progress through the map, you can also use the currency to get the mapping supplies which will help atlas’ progress.
  • Then you put your desired trade on one item stack and put the rest of the item in the same tab, or another public tab.
  • I would not advise spending Chaos Orbs until late game, as only 1 Chaos Orb can buy you awesome unique items for levelling.

In the premium stash tab, you can easily organize your listed items and design them in better order. In the stash section, you save your inventory items, drops, etc. While playing the game, you can upgrade any item to increase its power which will help you in some future quest or endgame, or you can also sell or trade your stash items if they are useless. And what if I want to sell more than one full stack, you might ask. Then you put your desired trade on one item stack and put the rest of the item in the same tab, or another public tab.


This way of indexing your items is completely free but is connected with a lot more manual work. Be warned that this method is very outdated and not all indexers will find your items this way. Increase your PoE character with us – the item and currency shop. These are approximate ratios to help understand currency better, the actual in-game ratios will vary based on which league are you playing in or new in-game content.

poe how to price currency

You can also get discount packs which can save you about 5-20%, those packs usually contain Exalted, Chaos and Divine Orbs. And we also check frequently and add the new packs time by time with the update of Path of Exile Patch. For example, the Orbs of Alchemy are very cheap and often considered to have a value equal to 1/3rd of the Chaos orb.

PoE currency Exchange rates by Vendors

For example, if you are selling Awakened Sextant in bulk, the total quantity of Awakened Sextant is 10, and you want to sell them all for 20 orbs, your listing will look like this “20/10”. The little difference over here is that you will need to select the fraction format instead of the number as you do for the individual items. The pricing formation for selling your items in bulk will be written as “Price/Quantity.” Listing your items in bulk is also simple, just like you list your items individually.

  • Therefore, some players fail to use Regal Orb for the purpose and sell it for Chaos orbs.
  • For example, a Chromatic Orb should never be worth more than 3 Jeweller’s Orb on the player market.
  • We show you how to accomplish it quickly and painlessly in this guide.
  • The approximate exchange rate of exalted to chaos obs is 1 to 124 in Expedition league and 1 to 95 in Standard one.
  • Lowering the price of your item than its actual price, buyers will disturb you and ask you lame questions even if they are not going to buy it.

By the way, buying and selling currency to other players could be not only profitable but also engaging as it involves different interactions like bartering, haggling and negotiating. That is why, some “green” gullible players can be scammed by more mature covetous ones. Once you have a good and rare item, you can list it in exchange for the orbs. If you love the game, we recommend you upgrade because some items can benefit the game as you progress. You can select an item in your stash and set the range of orbs you want to sell it for. Selling the item or trading them in exchange for orbs is easy to have some in-game currency.

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If you have an item and you know what you want other people to pay for it, you put the item in the shop tab and press right-click. As example let see how much worth and ratios of some of most popular POE currencies. Poecurrencybuy has the massive collection of most of the common and special Currency, the stock of them is always big. For example, we have Exalted, Chaos, Jeweller’s Orb, Orb of Fusing and Regret.

poe how to price currency

But all in all, POE currency conversion rate is tightly connected with vendor prices for this or that item in the specific league. Once you have done your listing, you will need to recheck the amount of your selling item and the number of orbs you expect to get by selling your rare item. Pricing plays a very keen role in bulk selling your stash items. In this case, let’s say I wanted to only trade stacks of 20 Harbinger’s Orb, but I had 140 in my tab. A player on the trade Website might ask me to sell him 100 for 600 chaos orbs. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get to know the currency exchange rate in the game is to use POE currency calculator tools.

Therefore, if you buy from other players don’t only check the vendor price chart but also use your game intuition. As in every game in the market, there is currency in Path of Exile. For other games it’s mostly gold, but in Path of Exile currency is much more complex than that. Game has interesting system – currency in it is also used for crafting, that means it will never become obsolete as it often happens with gold in other games. Currently there are more than 20 different currency orbs, it is very confusing for newer players and that is why I am writing this PoE currency guide.

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If a player doesn`t need a divine orb, they can easily exchange it for Chaos orbs. The exchange rate for Standard league is 1 Divine for 40 Chaos orbs. They help turn a magic item into a rare item, however, it retains all current mods of the item. Using a Regal Orb is a middle step in crafting, for further crafting a player needs Exalted Orb.

Therefore, some players fail to use Regal Orb for the purpose and sell it for Chaos orbs. Path of Exile currency system is well-elaborated and quite interesting. POE currency consists of items required both for crafting activities and trading with NPCs and other gamers and has own PoE currency exchange rates.

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