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The toLocaleDateString method comes in handy when you want a date that contains only numbers, a long wordy date, or one that outputs in a different language. If you only need to output the time portion of a JavaScript date object, there’s toLocaleTimeString. Do we still need libraries like Moment.js or date-fns to format JavaScript dates and times? With native browser capabilities being quite good these days and browser support being great, too, not necessarily, as Elijah Manor points out. Only –target web and the default bundler output mode are supported. To support –target nodejs we’d need to translate ES module syntax to CommonJS (this is planned to be done, just hasn’t been done yet).

How do I test a URL?

  1. Navigate to Admin. These users have full access to manage the site including adding, deleting and editing all pages and modules.
  2. Select the Test URL tab.
  3. At Select a PageA page on a DNN site. to Test, select a page from the Pages available in the Site.
  4. Optional.
  5. Click the Test URL button.

Phuoc Nguyen has released Single-Line-Of-Code, a repository of JavaScript utilities for everything around arrays, date and time, DOM manipulations, functions, numbers and objects. While mabl allows you to test many web apps and APIs without code, sometimes there are app-specific use cases that aren’t supported out of the box. JavaScript snippets offer a way to accomplish tasks for more advanced use cases. It’s a good idea to study the impact of JavaScript frameworks, with Perf-Track.Perf-Track tracks framework performance at scale. It basically tracks the performance in terms of Core Web Vitals for Angular, React, Vue, Polymer, Preact, Ember, Svelte and AMP — on mobile and on desktop. The data set is currently still from 2020, but it gives us some insights into how well sites with these frameworks perform in the wild. For example, React with Gatsby perform better than the ones created with Create React app.

Create a static file server with Node.js

You’ll learn about selecting element, event delegation, file structure, dropdowns and enter and leave transitions. Internet Explorer primarily supports up to ES5, notably missing features such as Array.prototype.includes and async/await for asynchronous functions. JSON consists of text that represents arrays, objects, and other types of data.

  • The toLocaleDateString method comes in handy when you want a date that contains only numbers, a long wordy date, or one that outputs in a different language.
  • Rellax.js is a lightweight vanilla JavaScript parallax library .
  • How are the two increment operators different, e.g. ++value and value++?
  • This vs. thatThe growing little repository by Phuoc Nguyen explains differences between properties and functions for JavaScript and TypeScript, as well as DOM, HTML and CSS.
  • Reef, a lightweight library for creating reactive, state-based UI.
  • Learn Vanilla JS features books, courses, evergreen resources, communities, podcasts all around vanilla JS.

The following snippet will create a new class that will consist of methods and variables. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language used to develop interactive web applications. With JavaScript, you can dynamically update content on a webpage, animate elements, control media, and manipulate behaviour.

Countdown Timer

List.js adds search, sort and filters to plain HTML lists and tables. Rellax.js is a lightweight vanilla JavaScript parallax library . Clusterize.js is a small JavaScript library for displaying large data sets. Learning a new language can be quite a challenge, especially when there are so many tools and frameworks out there to get the most out of it as there are in the case of JavaScript. The deep knowledge of a subject really lies in understanding subtle differences between alternate ways of solving the same problem. How are the two increment operators different, e.g. ++value and value++?

How do I make a snippet in HTML?

1 Creating a HTML snippet

To create a snippet just select the element on the page, click open the element context menu and then “Add as HTML snippet”. Add the element as a snippet. Another way to add a snippet to an existing library is to click on library' name in the Library panel and choose Add as HTML snippet.

PlainJS, You Might Not Need jQuery and You Don’t Need jQuery are great references for vanilla JavaScript snippets. The sites feature repositories of code snippets for everything from UI and inputs to media, navigation and visual effects .

Data-driven testing

Additionally to support–target no-modules we’d have to similarly translate from ES modules to something else. Anime.js is a lightweight animation library that works with CSS properties, SVG, Dom attributes and JavaScript objects. The libraries below are tiny, vanilla JavaScript libraries without any dependencies. Just as they are lightweight, sometimes you might need to make some adjustments, e.g. to provide announcements to screen readers, or support legacy browsers. You might want to check a Complete Guide To Accessible Front-End Components as well.

If you have enjoyed reading this article, consider sharing it on social media and help us spread the word as it will help us create more quality content. That’s all the snippets I can think of from the top of my head. If you have any snippets you would like to share, drop a comment below. The following snippets will show you how to manipulate the URL.

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