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If you are able to connect to your running SQL Server in Azure Data Studio, SQL Server should be fully operational. Once the download is complete, drag and drop the Azure Data Studio icon from your Downloads folder to Applications in Finder. Click the Preferences wheel in the top right corner of Docker app window and go to Resources tab. Find the Memory slider and move the thumb from the default setting of 2 GB to 4 GB. Microsoft developed SQL Server for Windows, which means to run it on Mac, you’ll need an additional tool. Docker is just the software for the task as it provides an environment for your SQL Server to work in.

Where can I learn SQL for free?

  • Intro to SQL: Querying and managing data via Khan Academy.
  • Codecademy's free SQL Class.
  • Developing SQL Databases via EdX.
  • W3Schools SQL Class.
  • FreeCodeCamp's SQL Course.
  • SQLZoo.
  • Introduction to Computer Science via EdX.

Run Azure Data Studio restore tool to add an existing database and check your SQL database connection with a few test queries. As you can see installing SQL Server on your Mac is quick and easy, although it requires a virtualization tool Docker. Since SSMS is not available for macOS, you’ll also need a replacement, which in our article was Azure Data Studio. The tool allows you to connect SQL Server engines to databases even on macOS. The app excels at all the database management basics that you need — create tables, make custom queries, use autocomplete, and more with this handy tool. SQLPro Studio is a native Mac app and supports multiple database types, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and others. Run the following command to install the sql-cli command line tool.

Check the Docker container (optional)

When prompted, enter the password you specified in step 2. If the STATUS column of the output for the container says Up, the container is running. If it reads Exited, the container is no longer running and requires troubleshooting. SQLPro offers Premium subscriptions in order to interact with database result sets.

Please check the setup log in /var/opt/mssql/log for more information. TablePlus is another app that can help you manage SQL databases. This GUI tool will come in handy for your MySQL, Postgre, SQLite, and other databases. Lightweight and fast, it’s super easy to use and makes your databases work lightning fast. Navigate your connected databases, edit data rows or table structure, and more with TablePlus. Another limitation is that SQL Server Management Studio is not available on Mac or Linux. SSMS a full-blown GUI management for SQL Server, and it provides many more features than Azure Data Studio and DBeaver .

Step 1: Download the SQL Server Image

Installation is as easy as downloading it and dragging it to your Applications folder. If you get the following error at this step, try again, but with a stronger password. Since SQL Server is running on your own Mac, the server here is just localhost. User name is SA for system admin, and the password is the one you’ve entered in the Terminal command to run SQL Server with Docker.

  • Then you’ll probably want to start creating databases and doing other DB-related tasks.
  • Run a quick test to check that SQL Server is up and running and you can query it.
  • MySQL Workbench is a unified visual tool for database architects, developers, and DBAs.
  • Now that Docker is installed, we can download and install SQL Server for Linux.

Now that Docker is installed, we can download and install SQL Server for Linux. When you open Docker, you might be prompted for your password so that Docker can install its networking components and links to the Docker apps. Go ahead and provide your password, as Docker needs this to run. To install, double-click on the .dmg file and then drag the icon to your Application folder. Starting with SQL Server 2017, you can now install SQL Server directly on to a Linux machine. And because macOS is Unix based , you can run SQL Server for Linux on your Mac. The article provides a detailed explanation of what a NoSQL databases is and how it differs from relational databases.


When we switch our operating system such as windows to mac os ��, We may face many software-related installations problems. However, there are significant differences between Windows and Mac. As a result, I had a lot of trouble installing software on Mac OS. In this Story, I will show you how to install SQL Server on a Mac M1.

sql for mac

Once installed, we’ll increase its memory allocation to a more suitable level for running SQL Server. Download Azure Data Studio from the official Microsoft website — just google “azure data studio” and the first result is usually the respective Microsoft webpage.

Here’s a list of what’s available and what’s not on SQL Server 2017 for Linux and here’s Microsoft’s list of Editions and supported features of SQL Server 2019 on Linux. Connect to SQL Server using the mssql command, followed by the username and password parameters. This is still a valid option depending on your requirements (here’s how to install SQL Server on a Mac with VirtualBox if you’d like to try that method). SQL Server Express is a light, feature-restricted version of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2019. This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing, upgrading, or uninstalling your copy of SQL Server Express 2019. After following this tutorial, you should have SQL Server 2019 installed and ready to use on macOS as a Docker deployment. Alternatively, you learned how to deploy Azure SQL Edge on ARM-based Macs.

sql for mac

We’ve also explained how to check database status and run basic queries in your connected databases. SQL Server for Linux does have some limitations when compared to the Windows editions . The Linux release doesn’t include many of the extra services that are available in the Windows release, such as Analysis Services, Reporting Services, etc.

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