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The options aren’t that diverse when it comes to building an app for another OS — it’s developing it from scratch. According to Statista’s research, nearly 73% of all mobile users have an Android device. Thus, 99% of mobile owners use only these 2 operating systems.

convert android app to ios

Now is the time to do so with the right platform and best idea that can help you grow and thrive. MechDome ensures iOS integration without requiring any code changes. For example, push notifications cause local iOS notifications to be raised. MechDome directly compiles the Android app into completely native iOS code. As a result, you can join up on their “Create Account” page.

Android Pros

Any professional software developer is aware of this fact and optimizes the app functionality for the best app operation and performance on a new platform. Kotlin and Java, programming languages used in Android development.

Can you convert APK to IPA?

Android apk can't be converted to iOS ipa. Only possibility is either you devlop cross platform(xamrin/react native/ionic/flutter) app project which can share common code and some android/ios platform specific code. Show activity on this post. In short, the answer is No.

As a result, the same app functionality on the latter platform may be time-consuming. This is a friendly reminder to help you know why a simple feature can sometimes take longer than expected.

#1 – Material vs Flat Design Patterns

The process of converting an Android app to an iOS app is not the same as simply copying an app. It entails conforming to new platform specifics, and as a result, it may be possible to enhance a product with new functionality.

  • The Google Play Store offers free apps, which is not offered by Apple’s App Store.
  • MechDome directly compiles the Android app into completely native iOS code.
  • It could be helpful once you need to convert iOS app to Android platform.
  • Once you’ve found some assurance, you may benefit in many aspects once you convert an Android app to iOS.
  • I say that because the native components of the two platforms are created with different programming languages, interface, navigation, and integration process.

Swift and Objective-C are programming languages for Apple products. Besides that, Kotlin and Java are two programming languages that are used in Android development. The market is also an important factor to consider before converting an Android app to iOS or vice versa. It makes no sense if 95% of the target market uses a single platform, such as iOS or Android.

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” is the most popular question among developers and mobile app development companies. In the conversion process, analyzing the existing app’s code is always helpful, especially if your application is implemented on some algorithms. First of all, the software development company together with the client collects and analyzes all materials available from the existing app. For example, functional specification, app design, source code should be studied in detail. This helps to align the app’s functionality and business logic. It may happen that some technical components need to be changed.

  • You can use this tool to keep Java source code inside an iOS application.
  • Many recognized Apple smartphones are compatible with iOS 10 and 92% of users.
  • Most of your competitors may favor one platform over the other.
  • But an Android application to iOS conversion is not as simple as an Android APK to iOS conversion.
  • Once you’ve found some sense of security, converting an Android app to iOS can help you in various ways.

So, by developing two apps, you have 6.3B of potential users and/or customers. In general, Apple’s App Store has stricter rules when submitting the application.

Before starting with the development process, it is important that the app design is sliced into assets. Doing this can help the developers place the corresponding design into the code. When you are converting an iOS app to Android, these assets are sliced into the next resolutions like mpdi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and is provided in .png format. We have a dedicated team of developers who use the best tools to offer the best designs and iOS development tools. Our experts follow a simple and powerful conversion method to serve our clients with the best. Your Android app has non-UI codes such as application logic and data model.

The more data you have about user behavior, higher are the chances for you to create a product that meets the demands of the industry suitably. This list can of course keep going for long, but I am sure you get the idea.

If you have experience developing Android apps, you know that this platform follows the Material Design UI guidelines. And for iOS, Apple has its Human Interface Guidelines and follows a flat design style. Before converting the Android app to iOS, you need to study the app’s functionality. Pay attention to the business logic and app architecture and its alignment with the specifications of the new platform. Knowing all aspects that affect converting Android apps to iOS or vice versa will help you build a particular plan and organize the work pattern for the team. You can’t simply translate the code when converting Android apps to iOS or vice versa due to the syntax and algorithms specifications.

convert android app to ios

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