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how to buy cryptocurrency australia

It’s just a case of finding a suitable broker, depositing some funds, and completing the purchase. We mentioned earlier that eToro is the best place to buy Bitcoin in Australia, considering its low fees and ASIC regulation. Bitstamp is also an established Bitcoin exchange, with the platform first launching in 2011. Investors have access to more than 80 cryptocurrencies at Bitstamp in addition to competitive fees. There are no concerns with safety when buying Bitcoin with eToro. It’s one of the few crypto brokers that’s authorized and regulated by ASIC, which makes it the safest option in Australia.

how to buy cryptocurrency australia

So, what is the best place to buy Bitcoin and what is the most secure way to store a Bitcoin investment? Discover in this article different ways to buy Bitcoin in Australia, how to trade Bitcoin and the ways to store cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile assets, and are subject to stomach-churning ups and downs. Investors who are not prepared to ride through this rollercoaster of price movements probably shouldn’t invest in crypto. Finally, search for BTC/AUD and proceed to buy Bitcoin with Australian dollars.

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In Australia, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are treated as property for tax purposes. This means that buying, selling and trading causes capital gains tax to potentially be paid. The fourth way to buy Bitcoin is through over-the-counter (OTC) trading. These transactions are concluded directly between two parties; there is no order book involved. This way of buying Bitcoin is especially popular among wealthy investors and institutional parties who trade Bitcoin for very large amounts of funds. Ethereum is extremely popular, with over 120 million coins currently in investors’ hands.

How To Buy Ethereum In Australia

No fees are charged when depositing funds via BPAY or the New Payment Platform (NPP). For an even faster payment experience, also supports Australian debit/credit cards. Generally, most buyers will opt for a dedicated crypto broker or head directly online to an exchange. There are many exchanges that offer Ethereum for sale, and your first question should be whether it accepts Australian currency. Then you should look at fees for buying and selling ETH, the interface of the site, user reviews, and security.

After choosing a crypto exchange, it’s time to create an account with the exchange in question. By going to a crypto exchange’s homepage and pressing the Register button, the process of creating an account can begin. By providing all requested personal information and setting up two-factor authentication, the account is ready to use. Buying Bitcoin (BTC) in Australia can be done through crypto exchanges, ATMs and by trading with other parties. In any case, before buying a volatile investment like Ether, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done your research and your finances are in good shape.

What Is a Cryptocurrency Broker?

This is the easiest way to store cryptocurrencies,but also the riskiest medium. With an exchange wallet, the private keys and seed phrase are owned by the exchange itself, so the crypto investor has no control over the cryptocurrencies in the exchange wallet. You could even lose your investment if you forget or lose the codes to access your account. That’s why it’s so important to have a secure storage plan in place for your cryptocurrencies. When you decide on which cryptocurrency to purchase, you can enter its ticker symbol – Bitcoin, for instance is BTC – and how many coins you’d like to purchase.

how to buy cryptocurrency australia

Some of the most convenient payment types supported by eToro include POLi, debit/credit cards, PayPal, and Skrill. This may involve additional fees, levied by the credit card issuer rather than the broker itself. This is because brokerage transactions may be defined as a cash advance. Coinbase accounts are protected by two-factor authentication and IP address whitelisting. When buying and selling cryptocurrency at Coinbase, there is a standard commission of 1.49% to pay.

Small and Risk-Adjustment Bitcoin Investments are Possible

It is also possible for Australians to use Binance for cryptocurrency trading. Tens of millions of crypto investors buy their cryptocurrencies here and use Binance’s services, such as crypto staking or margin trading. With more than 600 different tokens in their range, this platform is of interest to many investors. Once Bitcoin is bought, it is important to keep an eye on the price. Most cryptocurrency exchanges allow alerts to be set up, which go off when the price of Bitcoin reaches a certain level.

  • We also like that Bitstamp has institutional-grade security to keep customer funds safe.
  • Crypto assets are legal in Australia, so residents can easily buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin online.
  • If you don’t already have a crypto exchange in mind, take a look at our list of best cryptocurrency exchanges to find the one that’s right for you.
  • These exchanges have systems to protect user’s funds and accounts may be partially insured against losses if the exchange goes out of business.

Put simply, buy and sell orders attract a commission of just 0.075%. offers a wealth of innovative features that will appeal to investors seeking passive income. When your money has arrived in your CoinSpot account, it’s time to buy some crypto. Click on “Buy/Sell” in the menu along the top, then search whichever cryptocurrency you want to buy. Alternatively, you can scroll down the list to choose which coin you like (see screenshot below). Click the buy button next to which crypto you like (In this example, I will buy Solana, so I click “Buy SOL”.

What is the best site to buy Bitcoin in Australia?

The blockchain is a transparent public ledger that records and displays all transactions that occur on the Bitcoin network. First-time investors should spend some time understanding the basics of Bitcoin before proceeding. We have reviewed the best places to invest in Bitcoin in terms of safety, fees, payments, and more. EToro will execute the trade instantly, so the Bitcoin tokens will now appear in the user’s portfolio. Beginners that need more guidance will find our in-depth tutorial on how to invest in Bitcoin in Australia further down. This beginner’s guide explains how to buy Bitcoin in Australia with an ASIC-regulated broker.

how to buy cryptocurrency australia

Enter your Bitcoin wallet address, then choose credit card or debit card as your preferred payment method. Once your card details have been approved, we’ll send the coins within minutes. You’ll be able to see them on the Blockchain immediately, and in your wallet shortly thereafter. ASIC-regulated brokers like eToro enable Australians to buy Bitcoin with POLi, debit/credit cards, and other convenient payment types. This is because offers a user-friendly app for both Android and iOS. Australian clients can open a account in under five minutes and AUD deposits are accepted.

As of July 2023, Bitcoin was trading at around $US31,000, down around 55% from the highs of 2021. Yes, it is legal to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Australia. Retail clients can buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin in a safe and regulated environment via the ASIC-licensed broker eToro. Buying Bitcoin in Australia is a safe and simple process when using an ASIC-regulated broker. While Bitcoin is a high-risk asset, it has outperformed the Australian stock market considerably since launching in 2009. EToro will safely store the Bitcoin tokens on behalf of the investor.

Quickly compare the past seven days’ price movements of Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin uses a decentralised peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middleman. Bitcoin isn’t owned by anyone and therefore has no central command.

Patrick has over seven years of experience in the crypto space and has previously shared his knowledge with the AML and fraud departments of Australian financial Institutions. If you’re new to the world of crypto, figuring out how to buy Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies can be confusing at first. There are, after all, a multitude of ways to enter the cryptocurrency space, and as last year’s collapse of FTX highlights, there are no guarantees that your path will be smooth. The broker will first need to collect some personal information and contact details.

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As such, private keys should never be shared with another person. No single person or authority can make changes to the Bitcoin network either. Moreover, when storing Bitcoin in a non-custodial wallet, nobody can access the funds other than the rightful owner. In a nutshell, Bitcoin is a crypto asset that operates on the blockchain.

Can I buy a house in Australia with bitcoin?

Unlike traditional payment methods, Bitcoin transactions are fast and can be sent globally. This advance in technology presents a vast opportunity to enhance our everyday lives. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has issued guidance on the tax treatment of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to the ATO, Bitcoin transactions are subject to capital gains tax if the Bitcoin has been owned for more than 12 months. For investors, who have owned Bitcoin for less than 12 months, profits are being treated as ordinary income.

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