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how to buy battle infinity

Irrespective of the crypto asset being traded, reliable price predictions do not exist. Crucially, it can often pay off to be a market contrarian by investing in assets when prices are on the decline. The theory here is that if and when Bitcoin and the broader crypto markets recover, this could benefit IBAT’s growth trajectory. On the flip side, this restraint in increased valuations means that high-grade projects like Battle infinity can be accessed at favorable prices. Bitcoin, for example, went from highs of nearly $69,000 in November 2021 to lows of $19,000 in the three quarters to follow.

NFTs are used for all in-game assets in Battle Infinity, so players always own what they create. The Battle Market also allows for their exchange, so its owners can profit from any price increases. The potential rewards that IBAT can bring are a major incentive for investors to purchase Battle Infinity. Presale cryptocurrencies carry more risk than other types of tokens because the projects they back have not yet been completed. Presales are a good way for investors with a high risk tolerance to get tokens at a discount.

Step 6 – Import IBAT Address

Those who missed out on the Battle Infinity presale can still gain exposure to IBAT while this project is young, as the crypto asset now trades on the Pancakeswap exchange. Even though Battle Infinity is still in the development stage, the hype surrounding this exciting project is already beginning to build. The combination of NFTs, P2E gaming, and metaverse elements makes Battle Infinity highly sought-after crypto. According to its roadmap, IBAT will be listed on Pancakeswap once it reaches phase 3. Users’ teams get scores based on the performance of their players, and the team with the highest score wins and receives a reward.

Now that MetaMask has been set up and the BSc network has been added, the next step is to transfer BNB to the wallet. Then head back to the main MetaMask interface and the wallet should now display ‘Smart Chain’ in the top right-hand corner. Once the wallet has been installed, a strong password will need to be entered. For complete beginners, we would suggest installing the MetaMask wallet onto a Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser for the most seamless investment experience possible.

Firstly, you need to create a crypto wallet compatible with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the blockchain that runs Battle Infinity. Many crypto wallets offer this functionality, but MetaMask and Trust Wallet are two of the easiest to use wallets out there. In conclusion, this article has provided a detailed breakdown of the procedures investors must take in order to obtain tokens during the presale of Battle Infinity. This article explains how to purchase Battle Infinity and provides a detailed guidance on how to invest in IBAT tokens, as well as a few of the primary reasons why Battle Infinity may be a good investment opportunity. The Battle Infinity presale went live July 12th and is backed by Digital 17 as well as several major crypto news publications. Read the Battle Infinity whitepaper here for full details of this new cryptocurrency and its tokenomics.

how to buy battle infinity

The guide has presented a comprehensive walkthrough of how to buy Battle Infinity, highlighting the steps investors need to take to acquire tokens from PancakeSwap. Based on their performances in real-life sports, the players are chosen from this pool and are given a valuation based on their performance. The Battle Arena allows players to interact and team up with other Battle Infinity players. According to Battle Infinity’s whitepaper, users can also gain an even more immersive experience with virtual reality headsets.

This can be done by typing in the number of BNB tokens that should be swapped for IBAT. As per the real-time exchange rate, the number of corresponding IBAT tokens will update. The final part of the investment process requires the user to set up an order form. This is much the same as buying crypto from a centralized exchange, insofar as the user needs to specify the total trade size. Therefore, the user can then paste the address into the exchange where the BNB tokens are located, and after confirming the transfer, the funds should appear in the MetaMask wallet within 1-2 minutes.

IBAT tokens are based on the BEP20 smart contract standard and run on the Binance Smart Chain. Tokenized digital goods available on the internet, such as music and artwork, can take the form of an NFT. All the in-game assets like characters and weapons are tokenized using BEP721 smart contracts.

Connect Crypto Wallet to BSC

Each in-game asset is unique from the next and subsequently ensures that players retain full ownership of any rewards earned during gameplay. This means that, for example, when engaging with the IBAT Premier League, play-to-earn rewards can be tracked on the go. The app will also offer access to other segments of the Battle Infinity ecosystem, such as Battle Swap, Stake, and Arena. We mentioned just a moment ago that the Battle Swap division of this project enables users to trade IBAT tokens that have been earned. In a nutshell, Battle Infinity is a Mumbai-based startup that is building a metaverse ecosystem. Within its metaverse – notably known as the ‘Multiverse’, users will have access to a wide variety of decentralized products and services.

By doing this, they will also get stable and passive income not just from the token but also from their favorite tokens & coins like BNB, ETH, DOGE, and even stable coins like USDT and BUSD. In addition to being the native token of Battle Infinity, IBAT is also a key component of the ecosystem’s smooth operation. In addition to rewarding distribution, transactions, and staking, this BEP-20 token can also be used to purchase advertising space on in-world virtual billboards. As a result, IBAT looks like one of the most promising altcoins of this year. The IBAT token unlocks the main features of the Battle Infinity platform, which removes all barriers between the gaming platform and the Metaverse/Blockchain, making its ecosystem smoother, more efficient, and barrier-free.

This tokenization of assets makes each in-game item unique and can be used to assign value, depending on the rarity of the assets. As such, attempting to assess the future price trajectory of IBAT is a complex task. After all, the project is still just a few months into its Multiverse journey. The crypto markets are highly speculative and unpredictable, so forecasts do not carry the same weight as found in the traditional stock trading scene.

There are not many existing sports themed metaverse games on the market where its possible to build a team and compete in a play to earn sports format. Battle Infinity is an NFT-based metaverse game with multiple Battle Arenas, including a fantasy sports themed one – the first of its kind. Taking on the popular play to earn (P2E) format, Battle Infinity players will be able to earn the game’s native coin IBAT.

  • Those opting for PancakeSwap will need to connect their crypto wallet to the exchange and subsequently swap BNB for IBAT.
  • This is because when buying digital currency from a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap, token swaps are conducted without a third party.
  • Aside from being one of the coolest NFT projects of the year, Battle Infinity is also leveraging the success other platforms have had in this area.
  • This represents growth of almost 500% for those that were fortunate enough to invest in the IBAT presale.

The first multiplayer game launching in the Battle Infinity Multiverse is the IBAT Premier League. Users will first need to purchase an NFT pass and then build a team of players from their preferred sport. This means that by engaging with Battle Infinity games, players can earn real-world rewards. It is necessary for users of the IBAT premier league to purchase an NFT pass to enter the league or matches within the league. With an NFT pass, users are given a budget to form their virtual team by buying real-life sports players within the budget.

Step 4 – Connect Wallet to Presale Dashboard

The first sport to launch in the IBAT Premier League is cricket, albeit, the likes of soccer, basketball, and others will follow suit. Depending on how each selected player performs in their respective sport, the user will earn points. In the image below, PancakeSwap tells us that a 3 BNB purchase will get us just over 240,000 tokens.

how to buy battle infinity

Those opting for PancakeSwap will need to connect their crypto wallet to the exchange and subsequently swap BNB for IBAT. Either way, in-game assets earned by users are 100% owned by the player. Therefore, Battle Market offers a decentralized marketplace to buy, sell, and trade in-game NFTs. It is important to have an intimate understanding of a crypto project before making an investment.

A MetaMask wallet can be downloaded for Chrome browser from the official MetaMask website Update – IBAT is now listed on PancakeSwap, LBank, MEXC and Coin98 with more exchanges planned. Users can stake their holdings by depositing and locking them for a period of time. Stakers will also receive extra benefits for other activities they perform on the platform. Select your preferred wallet provider, On the PC, we prefer Metamask, and on the mobile, we propose Trust Wallet via Wallet Connect. If you don’t know how to set up a Trust Wallet or Metamask click the links below.

Battle Staking

The reason for this is that in order to buy Battle Infinity on PancakeSwap, the purchase needs to be made with BNB tokens. The two leading crypto wallets in this space are Trust Wallet and MetaMask. We much prefer MetaMask as the wallet can be installed as a browser extension or downloaded onto a smartphone via an iOS or Android app.

how to buy battle infinity

Battle Infinity is a Mumbai-based blockchain project that is building a metaverse of play-to-earn gaming ecosystems. In what it calls the ‘Multiverse’, the Battle Infinity platform will host fantasy sports games, staking tools, decentralized token swaps, an NFT marketplace, and more. Fans of fantasy sports who are also interested in blockchain gaming may find Battle Infinity’s league appealing. Those who are well-versed in a particular sport and its players might cash in on their expertise by forming a team and competing in leagues. Because players are NFTs, they can earn incentives for their efforts in games while also benefiting from price rises based on their actual performances. One unique aspect of Battle Infinity is across it range of Battle Arenas, one is fantasy sports based – the IBAT premier league.

Battle Games

In the case of Battle Infinity, as of writing, the project has a market capitalization of just over $37 million (fully diluted). Since the initial post-presale launch on PancakeSwap, the value of IBAT has been corrected. In the case of Battle Infinity, its recent fundraising campaign attempted to reach a hard cap total of 16,500 BNB (approximately $5 million) within a 90-day presale. However, Battle Infinity also offers long-term investors of the project the opportunity to generate a yield on their IBAT holdings. In a similar nature to connecting the wallet to PancakeSwap in Step 4, the exchange will once again require authorization from MetaMask. As such, the next step is to connect MetaMask to the PancakeSwap exchange.

A Closer Look at Battle Infinity

As well as being a P2E game Battle Infinity players will also be able to interact with each other, watch, perform and explore within the immersive metaverse and various Battle Arena virtual spaces. Through our interface, you can buy Battle Infinity tokens (IBAT) with BNB. The IBAT token has since witnessed growth of over 500% – hitting highs of nearly $0.009. Ultimately, those that missed out on the hugely successful presale campaign can still buy IBAT tokens early, either through PancakeSwap or LBank. The price action of the IBAT token has also been explored, in addition to its future upside potential. Seasoned crypto investors will often look to target high-quality projects that are still in their infancy.

This is because when buying digital currency from a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap, token swaps are conducted without a third party. Those engaging with Battle Infinity multiplayer games can earn rewards in the form of the project’s native crypto asset – IBAT. Players will also have the opportunity to earn in-game assets and ownership is verifiable via NFTs. IBAT Premier League is the world’s first decentralized blockchain-based fantasy sports game, integrated with metaverse, where you can build your team and compete against other players worldwide. To purchase Battle Infinity, you will need Binance Coin (BNB), the native cryptocurrency of the trading platform. The finest cryptocurrency exchanges make it simple to acquire this coin, and from there it may be moved to a cryptocurrency wallet.

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