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Multiple Payment GatewaysGive your customers the freedom to pay through wallets and cards securely. Integrate with the multiple payment gateways, keep your customers satisfied. Here at Cleveroad, we have a huge experience in full-cycle iOS, Android, and Web development. Our developers using only the latest technologies like Kotlin for Android development, Swift for iOS development, and Angular for Web development. Moreover, we work with various niches like sports, healthcare, travel, education, social media, and much more.

Do you currently run a food business and use a food delivery app similar to Uber Eats? If not, then you might want to give the matter some serious thought. According to Business Insider , the mobile food delivery business is one of the fastest-growing industries in 2020 and projected to be worth over $38 billion by the end of the year. If you want a piece of that market, then it’s time to jump in on the trend or get swept away by the current. Payment integrations like Stripe, Braintree, and CCAvenue SDKs ensure that food delivery apps like UberEats remain bug free.

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Lucrative promocodes and deals especially for first time users making onboarding easier and allaying their reservations, mostly earning a lifetime consumer. The specialised features like brunch, lunch, dinner etc. simplify the process further by saving up on time. The range of dishes and cuisines on offer is huge and the consumers are sure to find what they are looking for instead of settling for a compromise. When consumers have a say in the quality that your app is providing, the quality of service improves, and the consumers feel valued. Offer lucrative deals, discounts, or other offers to the consumers and keep them coming back for more. The more consumers you have enrolled on your app, the more orders they are going to make on your app, which in turn will bring in a higher revenue for you.

how to create food delivery app

It is this information that helps the consumers make their mind up about what they would like to order. In this day and age of technical revolution, all this information and other details can be accessed through API used in the mobile apps. Well, not necessarily, and even small businesses can come up with something similar to the Uber Eats for a fraction of the cost. The more cost-effective alternative for food ordering companies is to make use of existing APIs to hasten the app development process and reduce cost. Many popular APIs provide all the necessary building blocks to create a food delivery app. The most popular food delivery business model adopted by restaurants, order and delivery model has three stakeholders – the restaurant, the customers, and the delivery personnel.

4. Paying For The Order

Let’s take a look at what functionality you might need to add for this part of the app. Unfortunately, many users tend to turn this feature off so make sure to clearly explain how they’ll benefit from allowing your app to send them. For example, send special offers, make dish recommendations to increase sales, reduce abandoned orders rate, etc.

  • Rather, on the contrary, use clear lines and a lot of space which you can fill with high-quality food images.
  • This way, you can track the status of each separate item on the order.
  • Allow your customers to chat with restaurants and couriers as well as check their order updates.
  • Well, not necessarily, and even small businesses can come up with something similar to the Uber Eats for a fraction of the cost.
  • Europe has its own leaders represented by Glovo and Deliveroo, while FoodPanda and Swiggy are ruling the Asian market.

It gives people relaxed evenings, pleasant days, deeper savings accounts, wider nets and more robust communities. They have aims to partner with premium restaurants who typically do not offer delivery services. They have even partnered with a Michelin starred Indian restaurant – Trishna in Marylebone, England. It is possible to see the status of order and track the delivery personnel in real time and allay the anxiety induced by uncertainty that come with long waits. Payment channels should be provided to help the restaurants assume control over the payment they receive. Popular payment integration services like Braintree and Stripe might be a good idea. This feature of the app must allow the delivery professional to approve or disapprove the delivery request by booking or rejecting it.

How to Build a Food Delivery App like UberEats

When a stack of features is set, it’s time to estimate the costs needed to develop a food delivery app. Development cost depends on the feature set and its complexity. The more features you want to implement, the higher the final cost will be. We’ve made our own estimate based on the must-have features mentioned before. Uber Eats also have their network of couriers, which means business owners won’t have to worry about logistics. Suppose you are one of the brave and optimistic food tech entrepreneurs and considering developing an app like Grubhub or UberEats. In this case, you need to know UberEat’s business model and simple steps to build such an app or even better.

  • Domino’s pizzahas developed Dom, a chatbot that allows placing orders on Twitter and Facebook messengers and learn about special offers.
  • Keep up the platform development and don’t forget about the service side.
  • The delivery person then picks up the order from the restaurant.
  • Customers by offering special offers and discounts to the most loyal ones.
  • That said, such an arrangement can be well worth it if the result is a massive business for your restaurant.
  • Monitor Performance Yelo’s food ordering marketplace allows you to monitor your business performance as per your requirement.

Programmers need only “assemble” those blocks together to come up with a functional app similar to Uber Eats. Granted, additional time and money will be spent on optimizing the app for users. Nevertheless, existing APIs will significantly reduce the time and money spent on developing a food delivery app. To cite an example, when was the last time you’ve seen a thriving video rental store in your area? Well, a vast majority of those businesses diet out following the advent of video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. As harsh as it may sound, the same could happen to your food business if you choose to ignore the advent of mobile food delivery solutions. The first and most crucial stage of food delivery app development is market analysis.

Also, restaurants can pay an additional fee to be in a “Featured” list of recommended establishments. Apply user feedback to create a development plan that includes desired features.

how to create food delivery app

Statista has recently made a report showing that online food delivery revenue worldwide is going to exceed $130 million in 2020. And this number will be growing steadily in the next few years. The Waze Navigational API grants developers free toolkit access to Waze — a mobile app that provides turn-by-turn instructions via real-time road conditions.

How to Make an On-Demand Food Delivery app like GrubHub, Postmates or UberEats?

The app auto-suggests the shortest and fastest routes for an easier process. After receiving an estimate, you can hire developers and start the development. Encourage their hard work with a high salary, rewards, and flexible working schedules.

how to create food delivery app

Appy Pie foresees a strong growth curve for food ordering apps similar to UberEats and a sizable increase in their popularity in the years to come. The time is ripe to get started on your own journey to building a food delivery app like UberEats and make a mark in the app world and in the industry of food delivery. The millennials are changing the concept of dining out into dining in, where they enjoy the food coming to them, instead of stepping out to eat. They want and expect their favorite restaurants to deliver at the tap of a screen and in such a scenario, food delivery apps are in great demand.

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