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OspreyFX’s White Label brokerage solutions offer you the opportunity to establish a strong brand presence in the trading industry and grow your own successful brokerage. The elements of creating a brand include the name of the company, the original logo of the company, design elements, the corporate identity of the company, such as fonts in the text, its color palette, slogan, etc. In comparison to a White Label, a Grey Label is a more economical option. A solution like this is better suited to startups who may not want to invest a considerable amount of money at this point in time.

A good trading platform also offers useful widgets, notes, news, event calendars, market overviews, training resources, and more. When analyzing the functionality, it’s also recommended to pay attention to the price grid because, as a rule, the most extensive set of necessary tools is available only when purchasing a subscription. One of the most notable examples of a helpful trading platform is TradingView. Costs directly depend on the scope of services you are going to order. For instance, some companies suggest turnkey Forex broker solutions, and this service includes all the stages, starting with a company creating. While talking about access to a trading platform, prices change drastically.


We will provide you with the best industry WL solution so you can start your brokerage quickly and cost-effectively. B2Broker’s Forex instruments include 80 currency pairs, 12 CFDs on indices, and 13 metal instruments. In addition to Forex, they offer a comprehensive selection of over 1,000 financial instruments across 7 asset classes, including Crypto Derivatives/CFD, Indices, Energy, Equities CFD, and ETFs CFD. Access resources and support for success, including education, affiliate infrastructure, trading tools, and expert guidance.

  • There is no need to access the server administrator, making it easy to migrate the White Label from third-party MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 servers.
  • Margin accounts can be denominated in any currency from the B2Broker liquidity, including cryptocurrencies.
  • Beginner brokers are charged fees (fixed price and/or fees from trading volumes).
  • A take-profit order is a kind of limit order which indicates the exact price at which to close out an open position to make a profit.
  • Compare prices and packages offered by diverse providers to come up with the best decision.

In this case, we discuss technological equipment and programming codes for creating software elements, a trading terminal, a user interface, etc. Many Forex brokers need the necessary software resources, servers, and protocols to manage the trading platform and its elements; therefore, the connection of such a platform to the company’s infrastructure becomes impossible. In this case, you should always check the technical specifications of any application or software. Forex brokerage is a complex ecosystem of interconnected elements that consists of liquidity providers, payment providers, WL solution providers, and users involved in Forex trading. In order to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted process of interaction with the FX market, the highest reliability requirements are imposed on all infrastructure components.

Partial and full WL models

Speaking of WL Forex solutions, it is worth mentioning that the usability of the trading platform and its components directly affects the degree of interest of users in continuing to trade with a particular Forex broker. The distinctive feature of the White Label Model in the Forex market is the variety of solutions brokers can use — payment systems, trading platforms, back office software, reporting tools — to create their business. Today’s fast-changing field of finance and electronic trading drives programmers and developers to ideas that create a whole new way to make money and increase the wealth of private traders and institutional investors. In an effort to simplify and facilitate trading in Forex, crypto, and other markets, modern companies offer an incredibly wide range of different solutions, including White Label. These solutions help new business owners save money, gain valuable experience in the FX industry, and take their place among other players. There are many different Forex White Label companies out there, so it is important to determine which one is best for your Forex trading needs.

forex white label solutions

As part of this arrangement, you obtain the Grey Label license from a White Label broker, which has a separate brand identity from the technology provider . A white label Forex signal is a perfect solution for those who are looking to get into the Forex market forex white label with limited experience and knowledge. With a white label Forex EA, you can trade without worrying about the technicalities involved in trading. Many brokers entirely rely on the owners of a trading platform, and that is among the most widespread mistakes.

White Label MetaTrader 4

A limit order is a type of order to purchase or sell asset at a specified price or better. While the price is guaranteed, the filling of the order is not, and limit orders will not be executed unless the security price meets the order qualifications. An alternative for swap charges is available on Metatrader 4 – The “Storager” system with direct customized commissions. Customized management rights from “full access” to “view only” as per requirements.

forex white label solutions

Fast and reliable STP execution with ultra-low latency for A-book trades. Organization and maintenance of trading servers while ensuring a reliable backup system is implemented. Daily based account statements can be sent from the WL SMTP server with a custom signature. A fully branded and customized platform, with custom logos, banners, icons, names, profiles, statements, instruments, color schemes, etc. White Label MetaTrader 4 is a complete brokerage infrastructure used by multiple brokerages across the globe. To solve our own problem, we created a website that helps investors find, learn and compare the different platforms to save and invest online.


Reputation, PR, customer trust, customer base, legal entity, trading conditions — you manage all of it yourself. UpTrader has a wide server network around the world that ensures stable platform work and quick connection. Eventually, both models have strong and weak points, and a newer broker should decide which solution corresponds with his goals better.

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