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Developers must eliminate redundancies between the systems, where app users and EHR users might enter the same data into different fields. Common patient monitoring apps also track the user’s location so as soon as they need help, they can receive help as soon as possible. In the user’s mind, a connection is made between a mobile app and a specific use case. Like – I go to Facebook to decompress and see what my friends are up to, Linkedin to read professional news and network updates, Epocrates to get drug information etc. Apps developed for the US market, which process, record, and store Protected Healthcare Information must strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations. Since 1996, these regulations have ensured the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all electronically protected health information.

  • With a team of healthcare software developers, ScienceSoft is an IT company offering medical mobile app development services since 2005.
  • Visit a medical practice and hand out fliers, postcards or QR codes to patients, doctors and other professional staff to promote your app.
  • For example, Europe is one of the largest mHealth markets, while Latin America boasts a modest size.
  • ML-based software comprising the diagnosing solutions is also sought-after nowadays.
  • Within the following years, AI and ML instruments will be used to assist and support clients prior to the real doctor’s involvement.
  • A custom portrait includes demographic, social, and other characteristics with a potential user’s specific goals.

The disadvantages of this approach are the increased application size and imperceptible performance degradation for the user. But for business projects, time-to-market is often much more critical. Some may wonder if lifestyle apps even belong to healthcare app development. But they truly are a part of the healthcare industry umbrella offering a mixture of daily advice with exercises, training, or courses to improve the overall state of mind and well-being.

Process management

The physicians with no skill set and experience directly impact the quality of the healthcare system. Technologies may help to solve the issue by carrying out initial online training through VR and AR. App development starts with an idea and understanding your goals. Once you determine the purpose of the future app, you can now carry out the project implementation step by step. Our software architects and business analysts will happily analyze your project and offer the best course of action.

healthcare application development

For now, applications are primarily designed to deliver simplified usability and convenience for clients for an enhanced satisfaction rate. The demand for assisting customers in the shortest possible time has arisen, especially with the COVID-19 issues. Therefore, the user-friendliness of the application is a must to make it sought-after. Clients are pretty fussy nowadays and will pick the solution with a seamless and smooth operation, and obviously, with a perfect interface design. So the visual aspect of the functionality requires primary consideration.

Types of healthcare apps we develop

Moreover, online payment through the app for the appointment is also an integral part of the functionality. To protect sensitive user data, it is worth considering the implementation of a solid security system. Neglect of potent security results in the risk of not only financial losses but also issues with the law. Modern medical meetings, e-prescribing, and other interactions within the healthcare industry have moved to the online format, especially with the global pandemic. The team of medical app developers specialize in implementing an MDM strategy that assists organizations control PHI in a real-time secure environment.

What are the features in health app?

  • Medicine delivery.
  • Telemedicine, online doctor consultation.
  • Medicine reminders.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Health, fitness, and mindfulness.
  • Patient health education.

The variety of devices and screen sizes can make it difficult to create and test the design for your healthcare app. Healthcare applications should abide by the international and local regulations/rules surrounding digital healthcare compliances. They successfully pass all the security audits that are made to ensure strict enforcement of the HIPAA-based privacy and security rules. Interoperability is the biggest challenge of the healthcare industry. It refers to seamless data exchange between different systems, devices, and applications. ScienceSoft designed and developed a native iOS app that offers a quantitative assessment of users’ physical fitness. I was impressed with the excellent level of responsibility, communication skills and mobile competences of both the management team and developers.


MyTherapy is an app that reminds patients to take their medications on time and can be found on GooglePlay. Its features include entering pills and noting the days you have taken or missed them . Simple yet useful as along with basic medical assistance, these apps cover a wide range of wellness aspects. A custom app solution that connects its users with caregivers to give help to friends and family. Define your product strategy, prioritize features and visualize the end results with our strategic Discovery workshops.

The laws concerning the handling of application user data are revised perpetually. It is eminent that you follow such changes closely as it can affect the development process. Moreover, mobile access to information makes it easier to obtain data, speeds up decision-making, and reduces patient and doctor distance. The integration of telemedicine platforms with equipment is helpful in several cases. If you have an idea to build a healthcare app, get ready for some challenges with user research and data security.

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