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Good activities, case studies, discussions with peers help you learn from their experience. Apart from this, they also need to ask questions so that the team sees other perspectives. In a way, the team facilitator in agile is responsible for challenging teams to think harder. Only by seeing different points of view will the team be able to better their ideas.

Agile Team Facilitation

This Agile certification is perfect for Agile team leaders or aspiring leads with a desire to learn and practice Agile facilitation and Agile team coaching. Relevant roles include, but are not limited to Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners and Product Managers. Enjoyed the 4 days ICP ATF session and 5 days of ICP ACC with the trainers – Krishna and Ming. Learnt the facilitation skills from the live facilitation.

Tips for team facilitation

Look at the class schedule on the events page to find the right times and date. Some classes are scheduled over 2 days, 4 days or 2 weeks.

  • They ensure that the original objective of having the meeting is met.
  • His passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge made us very engaged and smoothed out the learning process.
  • Leadership Tribe has invested in studio quality hardware to ensure the best possible audio and visual experience for our attendees.
  • A lot of people in agile teams may explain things in a very technical way.
  • In these, the trainees learn the necessary skills for the agile team facilitator.

There are no conditional prerequisites for this training program. Scheduling a custom training event for your team is fast and easy! Literally every skill, model, theory and lesson is applicable to my day to day relationships and interactions. Share the goals and agenda of the meeting in advance with all the attendees. Narrow down the agenda of the meeting to only those items which are most important. The facilitator needs to always have the purpose in mind. The ICP-ATF is one of two knowledge-based certifications on the Agile Coaching Track.

Splitting User Stories – What it is and techniques used

Read our case study with @rowatweet to understand how we were able to help them do this and improve significantly. Those wishing to attend should already have some hands-on agile experience and have attended either an Agile Fundamentals orCSM or equivalent course before. That which you’ll learn and uncover in this course will build well onto the experience you’ve gained till now. To ensure high quality training for our students, we decided to limit our online Agile Team Facilitation certification classes to 15 participants. Every ICAgile-accredited course includes hands-on learning. You’ll need to actively participate in a live class to earn this certification. We’ll introduce you to a wide variety of facilitation and coaching techniques – and help you become a superior Agile Team Facilitator.

Our online course will introduce you to the core elements of Agile Leadership to help you achieve this. Even online, our courses are highly immersive, which means that you will not see many PowerPoint presentations.

Learning Programs

The facilitator isn’t the one who should be making the decisions for the team. Facilitation, as we know the general meaning of the term, is to facilitate something. However, agile facilitation is a specialization of its own. Our programs leverage a range of highly dynamic teaching methodologies, including cohort assignments, class lectures, exercises and case studies, all aimed at improving your skills as an agent of change.

What is the difference between training and facilitation?

Training is the action of teaching a person a specific skill or type of behavior. Facilitation is the act of helping other people to deal with a process or reach an agreement or solution without getting directly involved in the process, discussion, etc.

It’s an experience to remember and I highly recommend it to all looking to pursue professional coaching. The ICP-ATF Agile Certification course is a knowledge based certification program. This means that the course is designed to cover all the learning objectives required by ICAgile. We ask you to keep your camera on and have a good working microphone so you can actively participate in the many coaching and mentoring activities, breakout sessions, teach-back moments and presentations. These are best defined by the person with the most at stake from the outcome. In this course you will learn the core skills of facilitation and gain the self-leadership needed to use them well. For those working with teams on-the-ground, facilitation skills are the first step because they pave the way for teams to achieve true empowerment, collaboration, and ownership of their actions and decisions.

ICAgile Team Facilitation Certification (ICP-ATF)

Absolutely fantastic content delivered in a very engaging method. Our Virtual classes are broadcasted live by an ICAgile accredited course instructor. TeamCatapult has been conducting online courses since 2015, so we’re well-equipped to meet the expectations you have for online learning. The Agile Coaching Workshop and our instructors are accredited by the International Consortium for Agile . When you complete this training, you will receive the ICAgile Professional Agile Team Facilitation Certification (ICP-ATF). This way, teams can come up with their own ideas instead of expecting to be told what to do. Along with this, the facilitator also shouldn’t take any side in the decision.

Agile Team Facilitation

It will surely add value to my personal and professional life. The path to this certification develops an appreciation for the art of facilitation as key to fostering collaboration and enabling self-organizing teams. Certification holders will have an updated facilitator toolkit and practical experience leveraging these tools to facilitate specific agile practices towards successful team outcomes.

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