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Another way to implement a loyalty program is to reward customers based on how much they spend in a given time period. Customers who spend $500 in a year will get some type of reward or benefit. Customers who spend $1,000 in a year will get even more rewards. A loyalty program gives your customers an incentive to spend more money to reach their next reward.

mobile ecommerce app

You need a thought-out design that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to use. Define your goals, the market you want to cover and the target audience you need to reach. This will help you imagine your future app, determine the functions the app should perform and describe your ideas to the development team. Custom development of a native mobile solution for an eCommerce business is quite a challenge. You should follow some definite steps and pay attention to lots of details in order to get the process right. Here is the guide with the main building blocks needed to plan and create your mobile solution for online trading. I enjoyed and it was my pleasure to work with you guys and get my mobile apps for

Fastkart – Grocery eCommerce react native ui Kit

All pages of your app should support the same style and idea. In addition, push notifications are a cheap and effective channel for increasing sales and maintaining the brand. Via push notifications, you can instantly deliver essential information to your customers and inspire them to make immediate orders. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, the US’s largest fabric and craft retailer with locations in 49 states, was founded in 1943 as a single retail store.

  • As a result, we finished the job in 2 months in total.
  • You should follow some definite steps and pay attention to lots of details in order to get the process right.
  • But how often does the same person really need to come back to your website?
  • So far, mobile commerce includes mobile banking, mobile shopping, and digital wallets or online payment options.
  • All these aspects are compulsory for analyzing user behavior.
  • If implemented step by step, they can help you reach new customers and establish a greater presence in the market.

That makes me think that pretty much every company should have their own app made. One more step of app creation is the integration of a payment gateway, as it is important to provide a safe and secure payment system for your customers. Without a gateway, banking information will be at risk. The most popular internet payment systems are PayPal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Mobile Ecommerce App?

Eager to make an e-commerce app that will raise brand loyalty and increase customer databases? The whole world goes online; people prefer buying things or services on the web, and your e-commerce app might help them tackle that challenge. People who do business online use the Facebook app for a variety of reasons. Facebookis a great place to advertise sales, boost brand awareness, and respond to questions quickly on your business’s fan page. With this app, you can easily offer online customer service by responding to comments, whether they are negative or positive. Keeping customers engaged is the name of the game in building brand loyalty.

Tracking page views, interactions, and click rates are second nature to ecommerce business owners. Google Analyticshelps you figure out which parts of your website and marketing strategy are driving the most conversions.


Consumers require the freedom to purchase goods and services anytime and from anywhere, even on the go. Hence, more online shoppers prefer mobile eCommerce applications to websites, as they offer advanced speed, convenience and adaptability. How can retail companies that are doing business in the digital space benefit from mobile applications? You’ll be no stranger to all the information related to e-commerce app development and able to deliver the best experience for your customers. To enhance sales, you need to establish proper communication between users and the store.

  • Never neglect this stage and invest in building UX/UI designs.
  • Prevalence of voice search — household smart speakers have already penetrated about 28% of houses in the US, projected to cover 75% in 2025.
  • But with that said, sales don’t tell the whole story.
  • Therefore, building the mobile commerce app from existing website will be helpful.

With Warby Parker app, customers can try to place a virtual glass style on their photos to see how it looks on them. In its latest update, the app adopts iPhone X’s camera to take maps of people’s faces to recommend their best fit glasses. Sephora is the international cosmetics and beauty retailer with around 1,750 retail stores across 30 countries.

I think store owners know what to do with this information. Mobility is the thing people require today, no matter what they do. Customers want to choose goods and make orders on the go, without spending extra time. This comprehensive blog post provides valuable information on why and how to develop mobile applications for e-commerce businesses. Once the mobile app for your eCommerce business is ready, you should think about its promotion. There should be a good strategy for how it will be distributed. You can use social networks, newsletters, email blasts, adverts and other tools for wide app adoption.

  • We create an industry-centric app to scale online business.
  • Ecommerce mobile apps reduce friction in the checkout process.
  • People will be raving about your shop’s customer service and how quickly your product arrived on their doorstep.
  • This is possible from a website as well, but it’s reliant on the customer always being logged in, so it’s much easier to accomplish from an app.
  • Contact EPAM Anywhere Business and get a free consultation on app development for your business.
  • These myriad apps help ecommerce business owners stay connected, competitive, and engaged, all of which are increasingly critical in today’s mobile business world.
  • When that message gets opened, the user will be directed straight to the app, so it’s much easier for them to buy.
  • By analysing the colour, pattern, texture from the image, the tool has been working really well to make convincing recommendations to their users.

The contact form is the quickest way to reach us if you want to learn more about our mobile and eCommerce expertise and get answers to your questions. Another point is compatibility with all possible devices. More and more developing companies work in accordance with the WAI concept. These are powerful tools for building your brand’s reputation, advertising your service and drawing the attention of potential clients. When I think in getting solutions for my Ecommerce Platform, I think of Webkul. We have spent thousands of dollars in support and modules from them.

He’s a visionary leader and tech-driven strategist running a team and platform that powers 10,000+ mobile apps. He’s also an expert digital marketer responsible for millions of organic site visits and hundreds of thousands of leads.

mobile ecommerce app

If certain categories of people can’t use your product, it is better to start over. The application must do exactly what the user needs and nothing more. It can be described by the term “flat design,” which means minimalism and usage of simple elements. Users prefer interaction with simple and logical navigation elements, as they don’t want to waste time on solving puzzles to perform an operation. Consumers get more freedom while using applications anytime and from any place.

Mobile apps make it easier for you to accept alternative payment methods as well. Examples of popular mobile payment options include Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal. If you integrate these methods into your checkout page, a user can buy something just by scanning their fingerprint. It’s easier for people to browse when they are shopping from a mobile app. This gives them more of an opportunity to see what you’re offering. Clearly, push notifications are a better way to connect with your customers. By improving your marketing campaigns, you’ll ultimately be able to generate even more profits from your current and prospective customers.

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