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Joybird is an online furniture store providing customized furniture and personalized experiences. The store was looking to add new features and components, so there was a need for continuous testing. Our team conducted component testing to verify its functionality and integrated testing to check the system’s overall performance. We used TeamCity to implement CI/CD approach and ensure continuous app testing across multiple devices, browsers, and screens.

To check for known and unknown vulnerabilities, including those deriving from third-party and open-source software packages. Keep yourself updated with the latest testing strategies and QA automation practices. We make sure that every newsletter brings value and a new perspective on software testing for CTOs, product managers, and business owners. ABN AMRO is one of the most renowned banks that created ten solutions for a varied customer base.

Achieving high quality and speed

Software Quality Assurance consists of a means of monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality. The app markets, such as Google Play and App Store encourage users to leave reviews of apps. Low-point reviews will naturally lead to decreased app’s attractiveness. There are various types of mobile testing, some of them are Functional testing, Performance testing, Usability testing. It is essential to test for all functionalities across the app to identify any minute functionality errors to restrict them, before the app is actually moved to production. That particular example was so subtle that it wasn’t visibly clear, and only a visual tool could have detected it. Moyer then broke down some of the popular UI testing tools, like Percy and Applitools, and how they can help in that situation.

What is difference between APK and APKs?

APK: Android Application Package

As mentioned above, APK stands for Android App Package. An APK is basically a file that's ready to be installed on a user's device. APKs have all of the app's files and code inside.

The more platforms and operating systems are supported, the more combinations one has to test. Moreover, OS vendors constantly push out updated software, which forces developers to respond to the changes. The findings reinforce the importance of delivering quality mobile apps. This, in turn, necessitates establishing proper mobile app testing procedures.

Manual App Testing vs Automated App Testing

We provide services to test mobile apps which are developed on any platform. If you have any kind of mobile application testing requirement, feel free to get in touch with us. These are the significant steps one needs to take to test mobile applications successfully. However, automated testing is the way forward, so to conduct all these tests, you need to select the best mobile app testing tools, which we will analyze in our next section. It is also essential to automate mobile app testing and use a combination of mobile automation testing tools to achieve effective test results.

  • Automation of mobile applications testing is very crucial to increase the productivity of the testing process.
  • We provide services to test mobile apps which are developed on any platform.
  • We used TeamCity to implement CI/CD approach and ensure continuous app testing across multiple devices, browsers, and screens.
  • Therefore, mobile app testers should understand the guidelines each OS provides for their apps.
  • So, here are a few suggestions to make your app testing and app deployment successful.
  • They play the role of end-user by checking the correct response of the application features as quickly as possible.
  • Again, you will have to incorporate testing in your process, for instance by having crowd testers perform usability tests before a new major version of your product is made available to users.

Since its launch in 2013, Canva has become the synonym for the design world, with 35 million active users in 190 countries that have created over a billion images. The widespread application adoption posed the challenge of customizing the user experience according to their geographical region. They partnered with Global App Testing, which focused on localization testing and helped them know the elements needed to localize the user experience.


The instructions written for each test case should give testers a clear understanding of what they are expected to do. You can save time and get better results by providing test cases, instructions, and tutorials that aren’t liable to misinterpretation. These best QA practices are going to change the way you incorporate testing into your development process. Let’s take a closer look at agile methodology to help you improve speed, scale, and coverage. During the testing process, it is essential to check the app’s behavior when transiting to lower bandwidth networks or unstable WiFi connections. Testing on real devices is naturally the most reliable approach that provides the highest accuracy of results.

  • Each type has its merits and shortcomings and is better suited for a certain set of tasks at the certain stages of an app’s lifecycle.
  • Today, battery consumption is an important feature which people consider while buying smartphones and this aspect should be kept in mind while testing the mobile app.
  • The variety of manufacturers, platforms, operating systems versions, hardware and screen densities results in market fragmentation.
  • So, optimizing the battery consumption for highly demanding apps is the major obstacle for QA teams.
  • Initially, test cases are created manually so that it can be verified later and also to keep record of the scripts which can be used later for automation.

Only those mobile apps that perform well are accepted by end users for which effective end-to-end mobile app testing is essential. There are many benefits businesses get by leveraging mobile application testing. But, while performing mobile testing, there are certain best practices CXOs should ensure their team follow to ensure their businesses get the best tested mobile apps. Mobile app testing is oppressed by challenges arising out of the huge variations in devices, networks, operating systems, and it is also changing and becoming more challenging. So while doing Mobile App Testing there are multiple things you have to consider such as mobile testing tools, news updates, techniques, etc. With the need for better audio-video capabilities and hand gesture-based applications, it is essential that a mobile application delivers on all counts.

Mobile app testing: core specifics

Mobile devices now encompass tablets, e-readers, and wearables such as smart watches. Mobile has quickly outpaced desktop as the primary source of web traffic worldwide. Mobile devices generate nearly50% of global website traffic, with retail, media, business, and finance having the highest growth rate. Working from last 10+ years into consumer and enterprise mobility, Hardik leads large scale mobility programs covering platforms, solutions, governance, standardization and best practices. Do not forget to test the ease of installation, accessibility, and credibility. Make sure to employ the above-mentioned factors to launch a flawless enterprise app. Customise and execute test cases in an environment that is different to the one used for development.

What are the challenges faced in mobile testing?

Device Fragmentation

Device Fragmentation is the biggest challenge faced by the app development team. It refers to an application being run on various devices and OS combinations. This is where the QA teams have to Test Compatibility not only in different OS (Android, IOS, Symbian, Windows, etc.)

Your teams will go through a short design or development cycle, followed by a targeted quality control and testing phase for the new feature that was just added. Additional regression testing, security testing, and stress testing can be undertaken as needed. The outcome of this phase will determine what happens during the next design or development cycle. The mobile market is characterized by fierce competition and users expect app vendors to update their apps frequently. Developers and testers are pushed to release new functionality in a shorter time. It often results in a “fail fast” development approach, with quick fixes later on. Applications that consume the battery of the devices heavily are most likely to get deleted.

Therefore, mobile app testers should understand the guidelines each OS provides for their apps. The goal of usability testing is to ensure the experience users get meets their expectations.

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