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how to buy ens

It is important to note that the ENS governance token is based on the Ethereum blockchain network. ENS DAO members can use the governance tokens to introduce necessary modifications. For example, the ENS community plans on introducing ENS Constitution with a collection of rules and guidelines for the governance of ENS. Users can submit proposals for a vote in the ENS DAO with the support of around 100,000 tokens. Access the ENS dApp page and type your desired domain name in the search bar.

Getting your desired domain has become extremely hard because of the soaring popularity of ENS, but you may find it on one of the auction platforms. Subdomains recently have been popularized by Purrnelope’s Country Club, as the team has used subdomains as a way to expand their brand on Twitter and Discord. The subdomains can connect your NFT to that project on the blockchain forever. When sending a transaction to a wallet with an ENS domain, users can feel more confident that they are sending to the correct address than trying to confirm 42 separate random characters. On the other hand, you can also choose the approach of sending tokens to decentralized exchanges.

how to buy ens

In this sense, an ENS domain can be said to be the rough equivalent of a universal username, especially with the rise of Sign-In with Ethereum as an authentication method for internet accounts. If you’ve seen any portion of crypto twitter, then you’ve almost certainly seen usernames with “.eth” at the end of their name. Naturally, you might wonder as to whether these domains, referred to as Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains, are analogous to their Web2 “.com” counterparts in terms of utility and value. The blockchain is public, so owning an ENS and attaching it to your main wallet lowers your level of privacy, as people can easily search for your transaction history. Users who interact on Ethereum less often likely do not have much reason to buy an ENS domain at this time, especially with the cost of gas fees being significant at times.

Why 3 and 4 Digit ENS Names?

You would need the wallet address to which the ENS domain can point, thereby establishing the necessity of crypto wallets for buying ENS domain names. The first crypto wallet for a user would obviously be one that offers better accessibility. Your crypto wallet should be accessible through browser extensions alongside support for interfacing with web3-based sites.

  • Further, they reduce the chances of committing an error while making a transaction to a different wallet or dApps.
  • It offers different extensions for Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Brave browsers.
  • The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) connects an Ethereum wallet’s public key to a more friendly, readable set of letters, words, or characters.
  • The details of important concerns for registering an ENS domain can help you easily buy one for your personal use.

Certain crypto wallets are susceptible to various vulnerabilities, such as phishing attacks. In addition, you must also pay attention to safeguards for your private key that could help in recovering the wallet or withdrawing funds. The Ethereum Name Service or ENS project started off in 2017 and assumed the identity of a full-fledged organization in 2018. It is an initiative by the Ethereum Foundation and has many popular contributors.

Step 3: Transfer ETH to Crypto Wallet

ENS domains are also tradeable as NFTs, with domains such as google.eth, apple.eth, and wallet.eth selling for more than 50 ETH. As of May 2022, more than one million ENS domains have been registered. A great listener and an avid bookworm, she is passionate about blockchain and enjoys learning about cryptocurrency during her spare time. She believes that cryptocurrencies have the ability to shape the future for the better. To bid on a desired ENS domain, the user must select the domain name and place a bid using ETH.

Once registration is completed you can click “Set As Primary ENS Name” which will take you to your wallet’s home page. Adding years to the registration of an existing name can be done at any time during the rental period. There is no maximum duration for renewal, and there is a grace period of 90 days after the expiration of the domain. On the left side, there will be a color system showing availability and the right side will display when and the registration of a currently claimed domain will expire. The ENS first started in May 2017, and now has grown in popularity as NFTs and cryptocurrencies have become more mainstream. 74% or 37 out of the 50 biggest global banks by assets under management support crypto trading, through regulated crypto exchanges.

As a matter of fact, celebrities have been playing a pivotal role in fuelling the interest of the public in web3 and crypto. Most of them have also purchased NFTs and added them to their profile picture on social media handles. Are the ENS domains similar to the web2 counterparts in value and utility? The following post offers you a detailed guide on buying your own ENS domain. ENS domains are important because they allow easier and faster access to decentralized services on the Ethereum network. They also remove the need to use your wallet address every time a transaction is made.

You may want to lock in “trackstar.eth” before needing to add additional numbers or letters to the username, much like in the days of AIM or creating a new Gmail account. After you’ve chosen an ENS for your primary ENS name, click “Save,” and then pay a final gas fee on the transaction to confirm setting this ENS domain as the primary name to your wallet. After this is confirmed, you will complete registration and pay an additional gas fee to become the owner of this new domain.

Step 7: Set a Resolver

Apart from the price and security concerns, buyers are worried about the additional functionalities of the ENS domain. First of all, you must notice that the utility of an ENS domain differs significantly from one person to another. In addition, the frequency of interaction with web3 solutions is also another important factor to consider before buying an ENS domain.

  • First of all, you must note that two domains could not be similar to each other, thereby implying that two users could not exert simultaneous control over a particular domain.
  • You may have seen a recent increase in excitement on Twitter for ENS domains with three and four digits.
  • Furthermore, the domain ownership can be transferred through an NFT only, which implies that you can buy an ENS domain only on the secondary market.
  • Now, you have to think about the ENS domain price before moving ahead in the purchasing process.
  • Subdomains recently have been popularized by Purrnelope’s Country Club, as the team has used subdomains as a way to expand their brand on Twitter and Discord.
  • The methods to buy the Ethereum Name Service domain and the important reasons for the same offer a clear guide on registering your ENS domain name.

This makes it easier to remember and access Ethereum-based applications and services. Different brands and enterprises are looking for skilled people with Ethereum training who can help them transform their businesses. Understanding how to buy ENS and use them effectively will help you get ahead of the competition. The distinct steps to buy an ENS domain show that anyone can register an ENS domain with a straightforward approach. The answer would direct you toward the ENS DAO, which is responsible for operating the ENS project. The DAO follows the self-governance approach by leveraging its native governance token.


As of now, other blockchains, such as Terra and Solana, have come up with similar services. The detailed understanding of “What is a Ethereum Name Service domain? ” proves the reasons behind blockchains coming up with their ENS mechanisms.

how to buy ens

Others who want to play the game of flipping domains for profit may want to search for names that could create future demand, such as beer.eth being eventually purchased by Budweiser. The calculated price includes the estimated gas fee, based on current market conditions. In the example below, the estimated charge is 0.017 ETH or less, based on the expected market rate of a 52 gwei fee in gas.

Within 6 years of its inception in May 2017, ENS has successfully made the interaction between dApps and crypto wallets transparent and rapid. Once you buy an ENS domain, you no longer need to write wallet addresses like “njsdfjdjfbjd343” every time you make a transaction. ENS domains can be used to connect and perform transactions anywhere in the entire Web3 landscape. ENS domains are human-readable names for wallet addresses on the Ethereum blockchain. In this article, we have thoroughly discussed the process of buying an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain. We have defined ENS as a decentralized domain name system built on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows users to map easy-to-read domain names to Ethereum addresses.

This eventuality could be avoided by using multiple wallets or by using a mixer or another service intended to maintain privacy. Beyond ENS domains, there are other blockchain domains options you can explore, such as Unstoppable Domains. You can also trade your domain name as an NFT on secondary markers, like NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. If you’re more focused on trading domain names, you can also check out some of the top ENS categories and their trading volume before deciding which ENS you want to purchase. On 2nd, November 2021, it was announced that Ethereum Name Service will be decentralizing its governance through a DAO and an introduction of the ENS token. Treasury, fund controls, and registration mechanism will be delegated to the ENS DAO in order to create the first fully decentralized blockchain domain name system.

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